Sunday, 19 February 2012

And... we're online!

With thanks to family and friends who've been assisting with design/content ideas and of course to ING Direct for helping make it happen, I can now officially say that Fitness Protection has arrived! An online network with a focus on helping individuals and teams connect and engage in physical exercise and training together.

The full social outcome of the network as planned (helping people meet up with exercise partners - new and old - with great ease) will require reaching a considerably large critical mass in terms of membership, and targeted promotion will be undertaken in the near future. The site is currently in an active development phase (beta-testing), so whilst members are signing up and communicating I can make sure everything's running smoothly and make any necessary adjustments.

I will be very keen to hear any feedback - suggestions for improvement, ideas for inclusion, reaction to the green colour scheme(...?), and also notification of any bugs! Either leave them here or contact me on the network itself! Without further ado, go ahead and check it out....

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