Monday, 12 December 2011

The gears are in motion

... and not just on the pathetic excuse for a bike I put up with during breaks from this project. I've been busy researching various web hosting companies and trialling their offerings in terms of online systems, to see whether they can be configured in line with my ideas. After many not-so-great options, I think I'm finally happy with one and ready to sign on the line with them. There'll be much work to do in perfecting it, so perhaps I should set myself a bit of a timeline for what I hope to achieve over the next few weeks (nothing like the pressure of a fast-approaching deadline to inspire productivity...!).

To-do list

  1. Finalise name selection (next day or so).
  2. Complete basic system set-up (within the next week).
  3. Run a beta-testing period to iron out any issues that arise and make improvements (the following 2-3 weeks). Produce logos/artwork over this time as well.
  4. Officially launch the network (around the first week of January).
  5. Promotion! Create and run targeted advertising strategies (throughout the rest of January).

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