Monday, 12 December 2011

Name Your Future

As previously intimated within these pages, I'm in need of a name. Not an alternative moniker for myself (there's enough of those) but for my soon-to-be-unleashed social fitness network. And as you would imagine, when your primary real estate is going to be online, a name is only as good as its corresponding (and hopefully available) domain. Preceding the "dot com", as far as I know you generally want a short, catchy and memorable phrase. Going along with the theme of fitness, here are a few possibilities I'm looking at:
  • Fit Happens - probably my favourite, but the domain name's unavailable; I'm trying to establish whether it's for sale.
  • The Fitness Society - shortened to, or; I figure these are short and catchy URLs in an internet that's certainly running out of them.
  • The Fitness Protection Program - as in "witness protection"... lameness threshold passed here? I'm not sure, but I quite like the advertising options this name could lead on to:
    • Have you witnessed crimes against personal health, nutrition and lifestyle? Are you afraid for your own safety and longevity? Then check yourself into Fitness Protection, and let your old physical identity disappear!

Would greatly appreciate any feedback on those ideas, as well as any additional names to consider! I've also thrown around ideas such as ACommonFit, SocialFit and PavementPals but think that I prefer the 3 above. Thoughts?

On another note, here's another MYF progress blog that I will be following with great interest - Kim's Visual-eyes The Future project, which aims to develop a course that will teach lasting skills about how to navigate social media to vision-impaired children and their carers in Vietnam. What a worthy cause indeed; good luck with it all Kim!

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